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Keep the Pool Fun With These Extras: Fun Ideas from Your Pool Service Experts

Michigan pool fun


There was a time when a pool did all the entertaining by itself — there wasn’t a need for something else. But these days kids like to have toys in the pool, floats to splash around on and slides to fly down. So it definitely pays to know what fun toys are out there.


When it comes to toys and floats, the list is really endless. So it’d be difficult to name every pool toy on the market. However, some popular favorites include diving toys, water-friendly sporting games like basketball, volleyball and football, and squirt guns.


Float options are abundant but it’s important to remember a few things. Inflatable rafts and floats are not meant to be safety devices. Children who don’t know how to swim shouldn’t treat them as such, nor should parents. Some people recommend deflating the toys after pool time is over because children associate play time with the toy and may thing it’s still OK to use it, even if the pool is unsupervised.


Adding a slide would also be a permanent way to have some extra fun in the pool. They are made from fiberglass or acrylic and come equipped with a hose that connects to the pool’s return line so a constant stream of water can run down it and keep the surface wet for an easier glide down.



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